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Have you been arranging your home or office furniture in such a way that it hides the stains your carpet has? You don’t need to do this. There’s a better solution that will keep your carpets looking great for the long term – Carpet Cleaning London Pro. We’re seasoned professionals that have taken carpet cleaning in Stone to a whole new level and have made it accessible for virtually anyone.


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Don’t Put Off Carpet Cleaning, Here are Some of the Consequences

You might think you’re saving yourself a few pounds by not calling a carpet cleaning service in Stone, but there are consequences:

  • Dirt and allergens build up in your carpet and can cause significant health issues for anyone that spends long periods of time in the property
  • Dirt and grime leads to accelerated wear of your carpet and you’ll need to replace it much sooner
  • Carpets in poor condition lower the value of your property and cause a bad impression

Our professional carpet cleaning services in Stone can put a stop to all of those things and make your carpets something to be proud of again – not hide.

Why You Should Call Us for Carpet Cleaning in Stone

When we ask our customers what they love about working with us, the same 3 things crop up time and again:

  • We Go the Extra Mile – We’re not one of those contractors that turn up when we feel like it, does the bare minimum and then demands payment. We turn up wanting to deliver the best result possible, and should you have any special requirements, we’re happy to adapt our service to your needs.
  • We Make Carpets Great Again – Nothing beats a soft, clean carpet underfoot (especially in winter), and we can make any carpet, no matter what its current condition, immeasurably more attractive and cleaner.
  • You Won’t Need a Loan – Some companies charge the earth. We don’t. Instead, we charge competitive rates that you probably wouldn’t be able to beat even if you hired the necessary equipment and did the work yourself.

We’re Waiting for Your Call

Have questions about our services? No problem, we’re happy to talk about anything carpet cleaning related. You can reach us on 07915 486 314.

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What our Stone customers say

Minos Papanikolaou
Minos Papanikolaou
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I am happy with the result. The guys have stayed for as long as it took them to do the job properly for a set price. I am happy to recommend and will use them in the future. Came at a short notice and were flexible on times! Try them!
Ildiko Racz
Ildiko Racz
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Israel did a really good job for my delicate sofa bed.An other company said they wouldn’t remove the stains because the fabric is really delicate. Israel takes time removed all the stains and my sofa bed looks like brand new ,beautiful just when we bought it. He is punctual and professional cleaner with professional equipment. Highly recommend Israel 5 🌟
Penelope Woodman
Penelope Woodman
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I was introduced to Israel via my home Facebook Group; they recommended the service highly. Israel is a very personable lovely man who took the dirty 100% wool rug away and returned it pristine! Like new! Thrilled! Great communications, punctilious and highly skilled. Thank you! Xx
Carlie Gul
Carlie Gul
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Amazing job done, smells amazing and spotless 👍🏻 Very polite, warming and hard working. Couldn’t recommend enough... if you need your carpets cleaned then shout this man and you will be pleased with results.
Aisha Nakyambadde
Aisha Nakyambadde
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Israel and his team were very professional yet attentive to the carpet service I needed. They also respected and followed social distancing rules which is crucial during this pandemic
Joseph Scaparra
Joseph Scaparra
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Thank you for your great job! You make us happy, everything clean, looks like even new! Good worker, professional and with good skills. I will definitely recommend to my friends and others. 🤝👍

Our Stone Carpet cleaning prices

Just like our client we don’t like nasty surprises (we just like dirty carpets) .
That’s why our pricing policy is fully transparent so you know what you will be paying before we even start.
Below is a breakdown of our standard carpet cleaning prices which should cover 99% of all homes. 

For a free quote call us on

Cleaning Services we offer in the Stone area

Wool, cotton, Persian, oriental… we have seen it all before. Get you rug cleaned and make it the masterpiece of your room as it was once before. More Info  

One of the most noble material, leather, needs to be treated in a noble way.
And that is exactly what we will do.
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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant we will make the tenancy cleaning process a stress-free experience.
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Cleaning curtains can be a tricky business. Do it yourself and they can end up being damaged for good. Do not take the risk and leave it to the professionals. More Info

Young children, pets, breakfast in bed can be the cause of some unwanted stains on your mattress. We will clean all of it for you so you can sleep on both ears. More Info

Food stains, drink stains, mud stains. These are the most common ones we deal with but nothing scares us we can tackle them all. More Info

London office after cleaning
Office carpet cleaning
Keep your working environment clean and healthy along with your staff productivity with regular carpet cleaning. More Info
cleaner cleaning upholstery
upholstery cleaning
Make your home furnishing look as good as new with our top-notch upholstery cleaning service. More Info
cleaner cleaning upholstery in a car
Car upholstery cleaning

We’ll Make the upholstery of your beloved car look like it’s just come off of the forecourt. More Info

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