Office Carpet Cleaning in london

Professional Office Carpet Cleaners in london

Improve your staff productivity with a clean office. 
Refresh and regenerate your office space with a deep carpet clean. 


  • We clean around your office hours
  • Certified commercial carpet cleaners
  • Fully insured
  • Easy bookings

We'll do your dirty work

People walking around with muddy shoes, spilling tea or coffee on the carpet, eating at their desks and leaving crumbs everywhere...
These are all too common occurrences in an office that can leave carpets very dirty.
Without regular maintenance an office can become a very unpleasant working environment and affect productivity . Don't let it happen and call us today to schedule an appointment that will make you feel like you're working in new office when we're done.


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Our office Carpet cleaning prices

Our office carpet cleaning prices are based on the size of the area that needs to be cleaned. We understand it’s not always easy for you to to tell us the exact dimensions we will need to cover that’t why is a good idea you call us first so we can discuss your requirements in finer details

For a free quote call us on

Special saving! Book today and get 10% off

Our Carpet cleaning methods

Hot water Extraction Carpet cleaning

This method is one of the most commonly ones used on the market and is often confused with steam cleaning. Contrary to popular belief it involves little to no steam. The process is simple, yet very efficient and happens in two stages

Stage 1.
Hot water, mixed with cleaning agent is brushed into your carpet at high pressure which helps break down any type of mud, dust and any other unwanted substance ingrained into your carpet over time.

Stage 2.
Once stage 1 is completed, the broken down dirt, along with the hot water, are hovered out using a very powerful vacuum cleaner you will not find in your local B&Q. All that is left to be done is to wait for the carpet to dry.

Dry carpet Cleaning

Another very effective method we use is what is known as dry carpet cleaning. Although more recent than Hot Water Extraction it is equally effective. And just as the hot water extraction cleaning, we follow a straight forward two stages process

Stage 1)
We apply a special carpet cleaning powder to the carpet which is brushed into the fibre using one of our specifically designed machine and let the powered dissolves the dirt for up to 40 minutes.

Stage 1)
Once the powder has finished dissolving the grime, we simply hoover the powder along with the dirt using a vertical vacuum cleaner

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