Specialist Curtain Cleaning in London

We Love the Jobs You Hate & We Clean What Others Can’t!
And Luckily Curtains Are One Of Them.
If your curtains are looking dull and dirty let us do the job for you and bring back some spark in your home.


Clean them away!

Rest assured, you are in the right place.
Even your Curtains will thank you for calling us!


Special offer! Free carpet protector when you spend £80 or more

Our Curtain cleaning prices


  • Short Pair of Curtains £32 7 ft x 7 ft (max. area)
  • Full-length Pair of Curtains £42 Up to 10 Steps

Leave it to our professional cleaners and bring back the Spotless and Dust-free in Minutes.

Please note that in addition to your cleaning service price, Congestion/ ULEZ and parking charges may apply.

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Special offer! Free carpet protector when you spend £80 or more

Our Curtain cleaning methods

London Curtain Cleaning

We offer curtain cleaning services both for residential and commercial properties. 

There are 2 different methods; dry solvent curtain cleaning and steam cleaning.  

After examining the fabric, a special cleaning solution will be selected.

A powerful extraction machine will eliminate pollutants, dust particles, and pathogens.

Curtains will be sanitized and deodorized to make them appear rejuvenating!

In case your house is being renovated or decorated, we can clean your curtains off-site.

If you, or someone in your family, suffer from hay fever, allergies, eczema, itchy skin, or blocked nose, it’s important to keep your curtains clean as over time they collect dust and bacteria which can worsen those conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Cleaning curtains is tricky business but if you decide to take on the task all by yourself here are a few tips for you to consider. And if you fail, you can always call us.

How to dry clean your curtains?

There are a few precautions you must put into considerations before dry cleaning your curtains to avoid damage:

  • Read the user’s manual or washing label if available because they indicate whether you should dry clean yourself or use a professional cleaning service.
  • Disassemble any hardware attached to the curtains like rails, rods, or wires.
  • Big and thick curtains need professional dry cleaners.
  • Avoid using the vacuum cleaner in the areas with fringes and cords to avoid entanglement.
  • Consider dry cleaning your curtains in warm weather so they can dry quicker.

How to clean your curtains?

Cleaning your curtains require professional help because there are many complicated steps for perfect cleaning. Here are the steps:

  • Begin with detaching all hooks, rings, and gliders.
  • Immerse the curtains in cold water and let them soak.
  • Make sure to dissolve the detergent thoroughly if you’re handwashing.
  • Rinse and squeeze to remove water or spin it in a washing machine with settings for delicate.
  • Iron the curtains, then hang them until they get back to their natural length.
  • Dust and clean the windows tracks before hanging the curtains in their place.

How much does curtain dry cleaning cost?

Dry cleaning curtains can be costly and prices will vary upon many factors:

  • Size and length of the curtain.
  • The fabric of the curtain.
  • Method of cleaning.
  • Quality of cleaners and equipment.

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Do local dry cleaners clean curtains?

Most local dry cleaner provide a curtain cleaning service. While this is a good option it is recommended you deal with professional curtain cleaner experts such as carpet cleaning London pro to do the job.

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