Mattress Cleaning in london

Professional mattress cleaners in London

We sleep on average 7 hours a night.
Add it all up and you’ll find you spend the equivalent of 106 days lying down on your mattress.
So, if you think the cleanliness off your mattress doesn’t matter, think again.


  • Say goodbye to stains
  • Get rid of unwanted odours
  • Complete mattress sanitation
  • Competitive rates

Sweet dreams

Do you like sharing your bed with dust mites, germs and bacteria? neither do we. That's why you should clean your mattress at least twice a year, otherwise you won't be sleeping on your own. If the thought of this horrifies you why don't you get in touch so you can sleep on both ears.


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Our mattress cleaning prices

Probably the most valuable piece of furniture in your house and yet the most neglected, your mattress.
If like most people, you sleep on average 7 to 8 hours a night, then your mattress gets inevitably dirty.
And if you have young children things just get worth, but let’s not go into details.
Give your mattresses the treatment they deserve and call us to do the job so you can sleep on both ears.

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Special saving! Book today and get 10% off

Our Mattress Cleaning Method

cleaner cleaning mattress

Steam extraction cleaning

When performing mattress cleaning our team of professional cleaners will use a steam extraction system. 

This is a deep cleaning method that destroys all kind of dust mites, kills bacteria and bugs and eliminate unwanted odours.

Your mattress will first be assessed so we can select the right type of agent that needs to be used. We only use non harmful cleaning solutions.

Once cleaning is finished your mattress will be slightly damp and will take no longer than 8 hours to be fully dry.

Drying time varies upon the mattress types.

After our visit you will be left with a fresh and clean mattress and enjoy many good night sleeps.

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