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Name a type of stain, we’ve probably cleaned it. 
Whether it’s on your carpet, your sofa, or your favourite chaise lounge, we are confident we can get rid of the most stubborn stains for you.


  • High-quality detergents
  • Cleaned with care
  • Certified cleaners
  • Competitive prices

No stain no pain

It's happened to all of us, a cup of coffee that slips out of our hands, a glass or red wine we knock over, the kids chocolate ice cream that drips... all on our beautiful carpet. We rush to the kitchen and armed with some hot water we rub frantically on the soiled spot only to make things worse. From then on, every time you look at your carpet, all you can see is a stain. Don't let it bring you down and call us, we'll remove it for you.


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Our stain removal cleaning prices

 If, like most people, you are thinking of cleaning stains on your carpet or upholstery yourself, DON’T! 
You’re likely to use the wrong cleaning product and rub too hard which will damage whatever material the stain is on. Instead, call us. Our stain removal cleaning services is second to none. 
We are able to remove stains from hundreds of different types of material, even the most stubborn ones, without damages. You will forget it ever happened

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Special saving! Book today and get 10% off

Our stain removal methods

stained carpet

Just to make sure that we can remove all unsightly stains and temporary marks, our London teams have in stock more than 30 different chemicals and liquids.

We always aim to tackle and remove any type of mark from your carpet or upholstery. 

Our team assess the type of stain they have to deal with and assign the right liquid or chemical. The spot is treated and left for the detergent to work. Then we give a final rinse to your carpet or upholstery item to remove all residual traces. Thus we ensure that the item is freshly clean.

Our technicians re-assess the results to make sure that the stains have been removed and high-quality results are achieved.

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