Leather sofa Cleaning in london

Skilled leather sofa cleaners in London

Leather is like Rock and roll. It never goes out of fashion.
But unlike Rock and roll it can get stained and loose its spark. If you feel your leather sofa or armchair have lost their touch, why don’t you give us a ring?


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Nothing feels like real leather...

…as long as you look after it. And despite its tough appearance, leather is just like everything else, you need to look after it. If you beloved leather sofa or armchair are in need of TLC let us help you out so you can share many more years enjoying the warm and reassuring feels it provides.


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Our leather sofa cleaning prices

Leather is probably one of the most precious material to man kind, from boots to belt, it’s been used for many purposes, including chairs and sofas. And while a leather sofa brings elegance and comfort in any household, it also requires acquaintance and a great deal of care. If you you think your leather sofa is in need of a little bit of TLC why don’t you call us so we can bring it back to its original glory.

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Special saving! Book today and get 10% off

Our leather sofa cleaning method

leather sofa

Leather comes in may shape and forms and manufacturer cans use many different types of leather to make sofas and armchair.

That’s why we will assess first the type of leather that needs to be cleaned by sampling  a small patch of the sofa (invisible to the naked eye) so we can select the right cleaning solution and avoid any damage or colour discoloration. 

Once we’ve identified the right cleaning agent we will hoover carefully the sofa to remove any dust or hard particles lodge in tiny crevasses which could damage the leather in the cleaning process.

Once vacuumed, the leather will be treated with a microfiber cloth and the special agent which we carefully selected as part of our initial assessment.

At the end of this process your leather sofa should feel smooth, warm and ready to be sat on.




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